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◻️ Be Your Own Boss: a comprehensive guide to start your own coaching or consulting side hustle. 

◻️ An effective and easy decision-making tool to help you nail your side hustle idea, whether or not you know when to start. 

◻️ A Side Gig Questionnaire to help you generate ideas if you’re feeling stuck.

◻️ My Bulletproof Offer Formula: so you know exactly how to create an offer and price it right. 

What’s Included:

You only have to do these steps one time!

This simple Be Your Own Boss Guide shows you how to choose the perfect side gig business. It then shows you how to create your unique offer and how to price it.

These are the exact building blocks I’ve used time and time again to create fulfilling and money-making side gigs. 

I’ve spent the last couple of decades starting and growing side hustles while raising my family and having tons of time to create a full life that I love. I believe that side hustles are amazing vehicles for freedom, fun, passion, and balance. That’s why I’ve created the BYOB Guide that makes it easy and stress-free to get started on the side hustle journey.

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