What a week it’s been. To say I’m heartbroken and devastated about the state of women’s rights in our country is, if anything, an understatement. 

Blue Tree Tip of the Week

Get out and make your voice heard. If you want to take some kind of action on behalf of the freedom that so many of our mothers and grandmothers fought for, and that we now have to fight for again for our daughters and granddaughters, here are some resources:

To donate:

  • Womenhaveoptions.org
  • Abortionfunds.org/about

To find an abortion clinic:

  • Abortionfunder.org
  • Heyjane.co

For legal assistance:

  • Reprolegalhelpline.org
  • Aidaccess.org
  • Visit takebackthecourt.today to join the fight to bring the Supreme Court back from the extreme right

You can feel however you want to feel about the overruling of Roe v. Wade. Give yourself time to process your emotions. Take care of yourself. Talk to your people. Seek support. 

Real Coaching Results

A long-time client had a big a-ha moment in our session last week. He noticed some old belief patterns surfacing in a new relationship. And this happens to all of us – we have old belief patterns, sometimes going back to our childhood. Seeing them, and understanding how they are playing out in our present circumstances, is sometimes all we need to flip a new switch, so to speak. This can take a lot of patience and self-compassion, along with being in a safe coaching partnership that is free from judgment. This is one of the best things about coaching, and work I do with my own life coach on the regular.

Podcast Recommendation

The Global Phenomenon Podcast with Ina Coveney. I was recently on Ina’s podcast and shared a fun conversation with her about how I built my side hustle as a full-time mom into the six figure career of my dreams. This one’s for all the full-time mommas out there who want to start a side gig, without the hustle. Give it a listen here