One-On-One Coaching:
  • 50 minute sessions
  • Coaching via Zoom or in person
  • Ongoing support between sessions via email
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Sindy Warren - Life Coach, Business Coach, Coaching Services

The Four Branches of Blue Tree Coaching


The way you think determines every result you have in your life. That’s why learning how to manage your mind is the most important thing you can do if you want to create new results. In coaching, we will explore the mindset that got you where you are today and work together to shift it to create a new tomorrow.


Knowing where you are going is the best way to ensure that you get there. The coaching partnership will empower you to get crystal clear on your motivations, deepest desires and goals. This clarity then serves as a powerful platform to help you go about creating fulfillment and success as you define it.


Without effective and aligned action, we remain stuck and stagnant in our lives. My coaching methods include proven high performance techniques to help you move forward repeatedly and consistently in a way that moves you closer to your goals.


The structure of the coaching relationship enables my clients to experience new and powerful results in their lives. Together, we set goals and create plans to move towards them in a way that is organic and authentic. We create strategies to overcome obstacles and use coaching as the vehicle to step into the next version of ourselves.

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