This applies to all the people, not just the women.

Blue Tree Tip of the Week

Visualization is a powerful tool. Athletes have known this for decades, as brain research demonstrates that mental practices are nearly as powerful as physical practices, and when combined with physical practice, enhance success metrics significantly. Imagine crossing the finish line first, and you’ve actually gotten yourself closer to doing so. Adding visualization into a training regimen is a proven way to get you closer to your goals.

This idea applies outside of the realm of physical activity too. Rachel Rodgers, author of We Should All Be Millionaires, alludes to this in the above quote, and here’s how I would take it a step further. Envision yourself having achieved a goal. If you’d already done so, what would that be like? How would you feel? What would you be thinking about yourself? Take a moment or two to really imagine this. 

Next, ask yourself this: if I already felt this way and thought these things about myself, what would I do?

Finally, go do those things. That’s how we “start to be her now.”

Real Coaching Results

Last week a client of mine had a pretty powerful realization. He’s in a new romantic relationship which, of course, carries with it a lot of uncertainty. He was feeling somewhat anxious and unsure about where the relationship is heading and wasn’t sure whether to bring it up now or to wait until some later time. He came to our session wanting to know the “right” way to handle the issue. During the course of our discussion he came to see that while I could offer my opinion, there was no “right” way to proceed. There was simply him deciding what he wanted to do, and then leaning into enough self-trust to try it.

We are trained at a very early age to look outside of ourselves for the “right” answers. I see this show up in my own life, and with virtually all of my clients as well. But far more powerful than getting any situation “right” is learning to trust ourselves to figure it out along the way.