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Life and Business Coach, Sindy Warren

Blue Tree Coaching works with clients to create powerful results in their professional and personal lives. Through a combination of mindset and strategy-based tools, we work with our clients to set clear goals, create action plans, and troubleshoot and celebrate along the way.

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What is it like to work with Sindy from Blue Tree Coaching?
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Get to know Sindy
Get to know Sindy
Get to know Sindy

I’m a certified life and business coach, side hustle expert, Stanford Law School lawyer, serial entrepreneur, yoga teacher and published author.

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What Clients Are Saying


“Working with Sindy was amazing – accomplishing many of the goals that we set initially and other goals we discovered along the journey. Each session was a building block for the next session and we had several life, Aha moments along the way, which for me was unexpected, amazing and fun.”


Tiffany Julie

“High-performance living is about feeling alive, present, and engaged in the moment. You feel your purpose, generate joy, confidence, and love whenever you want to. You finally experience the progress you’ve always wanted. It’s a whole other level of living. And it can be yours if you decide you want it right now.”

Tiffany Julie
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