What a week, and it’s only Tuesday. Uncertainty, anxiety, and fear are in the air. As we all try to adjust to a new normal, not knowing how long it will last, it’s more necessary than ever to take care of yourself. It’s the only way you can show up for your loved ones and your corner of the world in a way that is helpful, whatever “showing up” looks like these days (phone, FaceTime, in person). Self-care: What does that even mean right now? Five quick tips:

  • Stay connected (but not too connected): social media can be a force for positivity and making us all feel seen and less isolated. Use it for this purpose. And, don’t be on it 24/7. Consider setting some time limits around your time online. And when you are online, do so with intention. Follow people that inspire, offer positivity and tangible help (online workouts, yoga classes, and meditations are abundant)
  • Practice gratitude. When our minds get filled with anxiety by projecting all of the horribles that might loom ahead, we can flip the switch by immediately identifying three things we have in this very moment. A warm house. Food to eat. Feet that can go on a walk.
  • Move. Movement is medicine. It’s good for your body, your mind, your soul. Twenty minutes a day. At least.
  • Meditate. Even if you have never meditated before and think that you can’t, there is no better time to start. I have a quick guide I can send out to anyone who wants, and I’m offering guided meditations online (more below). Meditation helps. It calms our nervous systems. It helps us create some distance between our thoughts and emotions and how we react to them. It teaches us in a very sensory way that we are safe and ok in this moment.
  • Nourish your body. Good food, lots of water. Whether you’re physically feeling great or not, this always helps. Many of us have more time than usual to prepare healthy meals. My dear friend Ally Grubba (@cleveland_kitchen on instagram) is offering healthy, quick and easy recipes each day.

Upcoming Online Events that can help (and more to come, stay tuned):

Tuesday 3.17 at 6 pm I’ll be doing a Facebook Live with Scott Simon on Self-Care Amidst the Coronavirus.

Sunday 3.22 I’ll be hosting a workshop (it was going to be in person at Citizen Yoga but it will be via zoom): Mindfulness and Visioning. Yes, you can still create a vision for yourself and your life. In fact, it’s more important to find ways to be intentional now than it was a week ago. You can sign up online at Citizen Yoga Cleveland.

Questions? I am here for you and am working on more ways to help us stay connected, positive and helpful.